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Your time is arguably your most precious commodity. With that in mind, we have included proven workflow solutions in our professional research platform, Arealytics Pro™, to increase your efficiency and maximize your expertise.

Analytics Module

Arealytics - Analytics Module
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The Analytics Module allows you to:

  • perform real-time market analysis on different geographic areas

  • review a user-defined set of competing properties to compare asking rents and vacancy rates

  • quickly see the ownership and agency representation in an area, tenant mix by industry group, lease trends, and sale trends

Owner Information Module

Arealytics - Owner Information Module
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The Ownership Information Module allows you to:

  • quickly analyze an owner's asset portfolio

  • view the True Owner and Recorded Owner of a property with company level information​

  • review the current health of an owner's subsidiaries and funds

  • see the key contacts at the owner with phone number and email address

Market Brief Tool

Arealytics - Market Brief Tool
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The Market Brief Tool allows you to:

  • send your client's requirements to a curated audience

  • identify available space that meets your client's needs​

  • respond to a Tenant Advisor's market brief without being a subscribing user of the platform

  • quickly create and send your client an interactive Digital Tour for property inspections

Sydney Registered Leases

Arealytics - Sydney Registered Leases
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We've created the first searchable market-wide view of lease expiries for office and industrial properties in Sydney. You can quickly search the database for leases scheduled to expire:


  • within a specific date range

  • in a specific geographic area

  • within a specific size range

  • within a range of face value rents

Lease Transaction Exchange

Law Firm

We've created the online exchange of crowd-sourced, verified lease transaction information in Australia.


  • earn credits by submitting or confirming lease transaction details

  • spend​ your banked credits to see other lease transactions

  • save your proprietary data in a "My Comps" private view to use with Arealytics Pro™ workflow tools, but only viewable by you, your team, or your company

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