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  • What is the Market Brief Tool powered by Arealytics and
    Arealytics’ Market Brief Tool is designed to streamline the way tenant advisors and landlord reps interact with the market to identify, inspect/tour, and express interest in spaces for their clients. The entire process is handled digitally from the creation and distribution of a client’s space requirements by a tenant advisor, then the response back to the tenant advisory from a landlord representative, and finally a digital inspection/tour the tenant advisor uses to show the client the On-Brief spaces.
  • How exactly does this work?
    First, a tenant advisor that is a subscribing user of the Arealytic Pro platform creates a Market Brief and outlines the client’s space requirements, along with preferred amenities, and response deadline. The tenant advisor searches the Arealytics Pro platform to see what publicly marketed For Lease or Sale spaces match the client’s requirements. The tenant advisor then selects those spaces to directly inquire about with their Market Brief to signify their initial interest in the spaces the landlord rep represents but also allow them to submit further spaces to their brief submission. Since Arealytics has all of the active available spaces for lease and sale in the metro area, the agent’s contact information is already available for the tenant advisor through Arealytics, but the tenant reps also have the ability to upload and combine their custom distribution lists to ensure the whole market receives each brief. The landlord reps receiving the Market Brief can then formulate their response by selecting existing availability, make changes or updates to these spaces, add new public listings as well as private/off-market spaces that match the client requirements that aren’t being publicly marketed. These responses are powered and managed by the platform, the free marketing platform created and managed by Arealytics. This allows landlord reps to prepare and send space submissions back to the inquiring tenant rep in just a few moments without needing any paid subscriptions at all. Using is completely free, so landlord representatives just need to claim or create a free account in and respond through that platform. This ensures that the entire process remains in a digital, cloud-based format and doesn’t require a tenant advisor to waste time and effort reviewing direct email responses and collating them manually into an inspection package for their client.
  • How do I create and send Market Briefs?
  • How do I manage the responses to my Market Brief I have received?
  • How do I create a Digital Tour to send to my clients of the On-Brief spaces I plan to take them to on an inspection?
  • I received an emailed Market Brief from the platform in my inbox. How do I respond?
    Click on the button labeled “View/Respond” in the email you received. This will open a tab in your default web browser and bring you to the login page. If you have already created an account in, simply login to the site. If you have not, you can create your free account by clicking on the Sign Up button. Once you’ve logged into, you will see the Market Brief you received on the main page under the header: “My Market Brief Inbox”. Click on the brief and respond. We've created a short video showing step-by-step how to respond that you can view here: *Note: If a space or building you represent is included in the emailed Market Brief that you received in your inbox, we’ve already created a free account for you in You will then just need to type your email address as the login, click next, then click the Forgot Password link. This will allow you to assign a password of your choice and “claim” your account.
  • Can my admin submit a response on behalf of the company/branch/multiple agents at once?
    Unfortunately, an admin is not able to directly control an agent’s or company’s listing. In order to submit a response, each agent must individually sign into using their designated personal email to access their listings and prepare a submission. Having said that, agents who are willing are able to share their login credentials with an admin and have the admin access for them.
  • How do I access my account on to respond to the Market Brief?
  • Can I submit confidential availability to a brief and make sure that it remains private?
    Absolutely. Users can select the sharing level of the availability as “private” when responding to a Market Brief. The inquiring tenant rep will see the space, but it will neither be added nor to the database and no other user will be able to see the information. A or Arealytics researcher will not be able to see it either.
  • If I am having issues, who can I speak to?"
    If you have any questions or troubles responding to the Market Brief tool, you can call Arealytics directly at +61 2 9189 5495 or email us at A Customer Support representative will get in touch with you to help solve your problem.
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