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Comprehensive Local Market Research You Can Trust

Wide Market Map of Office, Industrial, Retail, and Land Properties For Lease and For Sale

Arealytics Pro™

With 20+ years' experience researching and maintaining commercial real estate data, we understand the importance of accurate information.

That's why we have market-specific research teams dedicated solely to each data silo to ensure we're providing the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Industrial Building
Property Details Page of an Office Building in the Arealytics Pro Platform

Property Details

Our Field Research Team performs on-site inspections of office, industrial, and retail structures across each greater metro area. For each property, we’ve researched the key physical characteristics including: size, construction type, zoning, lot size, number of floors, parking, and more. We also collected original exterior photographs for users' marketing and reporting needs.

For Lease Sign
Listing Details Page of an Office Building in the Arealytics Pro Platform


The Listing Research Team for each market identifies, enters, and maintains the For Lease, For Sublease, For Sale, and Co-Working listings. The system processes real-time updates from leading CRMs, and the Listing Research Team proactively reaches out to agents and owners on a monthly basis to gather additional information ensure the listings are as timely as possible.

Tenant Record Page of an Office Building in the Arealytics Pro Platform

Tenant Information

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm reviews company websites, social media sites, and business registries to verify address information, gather multiple key contacts, identify industry group, and more. The Tenant Research Team directly call verifies tenant information on key properties in each market area.

Signing Contract
A Registered Lease Transaction Page of an Office Building in the Arealytics Pro Platform

Lease Transactions

In markets where they're available, we have purchased and entered the registered leases for office and industrial properties. This information is monitored and updated on a weekly basis to account for new leases, extensions, expirations, etc. For markets where registered leases are not available, the Lease Transaction Exchange creates an unprecedented view of transaction information. We first pre-load a large swath of the historical transactions in the market, then a crowd-sourced model fuels the Lease Transaction Exchange. Users submit transaction data points in order to access confirmed lease transaction information.

A Sales Comparable Page of an Office Building in the Arealytics Pro Platform

Sales Comparables

We first load the historical sales transactions for each market to ensure users can immediately perform market  and property sales analysis. For new sales, our Sales Comparable Team pierces the corporate veil to identify the true buyer and seller of the property and gathers deeper intelligence including marketing materials and media stories. The Local Market Field Researcher conducts a new inspection to ensure we show the structure as it is at the time of the sale.

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