Solutions for Valuers

Valuation Professionals are now able to save hours of work trying to find the key information to properly assess a property by searching the different sets of verified data available in Arealytics Pro™. They can then use their expertise and newly reacquired time to dig deeper into specific details such as rent rolls, vacancy exposure, and owner lease incentives instead of chasing the baseline data needed to begin their valuations.

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Within Arealytics Pro™, Valuers gain access to:


Property Characteristics

Researched and verified building information including hundreds of details, such as: current vacancy rate, building size, lot size, number of floors, parking, elevator count, loading configuration, zoning, NABERS rating, outgoings, and more.


Lease Transaction Data

Registered lease data in markets where available, and through the Lease Transaction Exchange in all markets, to see tenants with upcoming expiration dates, face value rents, key contacts, escalation rate, and more.


Tenant Information

See a stacking plan of all the tenants in a property including such details as: key contacts, industry group, annual revenues, number of employees, website, phone number, and ABN and ACN.


True Owner & Portfolio Views

See the true owner of a property, not just the PTY Ltd and partnership that is recorded as the owner. See that owner's portfolio of properties, including each building's current vacancy rate, asking rents on marketed spaces, agents representing the properties, subsidiaries and funds, space availability breakdown, and multiple contact details.


Building Contacts

See the asset managers and agents representing spaces available in the property along with their contact information.


Sales History

Search across office, industrial, and retail buildings to see the historical sales transactions of all sizes in the market.


Market Analytics

Review the top ownership breakdown, agency market share, historical lease and sale trends, and more in a specific geographic area or within a set of competitive properties.


Property Analytics

Compare a subject property's average asking rates, average deal lengths, vacancy rates, and more to buildings within the same area.

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